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About K.E.A.S

Kinsman Enterprise Advisory Service is here to recognise the disproportional Mental Health issues presented particularly towards the Black community in the UK. 

Therapy Session

“It’s OK to be OK”



Our foundation is to support you to develop tools which will positively impact your emotional well-being. Thus reducing problematic, unhelpful, self-adopted strategies to progress you to be one step away from stable Mental Health.


Our vision is to have an impact on two vital areas which moved us to develop this service. We at KEAS plan to remove the stigma present in the Black Community with Mental Health support services. We believe that removing this stigma will inevitably increase the willingness to seek support not only from our service but also services beyond KEAS.  Once accomplished, this will have an impact on the disproportional diagnosis and detention of the Black Community within the UK.


“Talking about your feelings, can never be a sign of weakness.”


Therapy Session
Life coaching

“The absence of tears, doesn’t always mean that there is an absence of pain.”



KEAS offers multiple packages which will be able to suit the needs that you require. Our service is designed to allow you (the client) to not only receive the support but also have the independence of testing different tools and strategies within the community. We wish for you to be independantly Mentally Healthy, not dependant.

Finally we wish to support any support you may have in the future with other supporting organisations. Thus a professional summary package is also available which will be an overall conclusion with our service (it is not a recommendation). 

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